New Barn Farm, Hiperton, BA14 7RN

Meet The Family

Our Team

Meet the Family, Our Team

Robert “Grampy” Cradock

Robert Henry Cradock has been farming in Hilperton his entire life.  In 1985 Robert started a fresh business venture with son Ian leading to the incorporation of RH & IR Cradock.

Grampy Cradock often makes his way to New Barn Farm to help with harvest and planting, and provides a wealth of insight and knowledge.

Ian “Daddy Bear” Cradock

Ian grew up farming with his Dad Robert and is a passionate engineer.  Ian studied at Lackham Agricultural College and spent a number of years working for TH White Ford Tractor Dealership in Frome.  In 1985 he began RH & IR Cradock with his father Robert.

Joanne “Mummy Bear” Cradock

Joanne grew up in Hilperton village where she met Ian, marrying in 1984.  Ian and Joanne had three children; Benjy, Nicola and Ashley.  Joanne is well known for her epic home baking and keeping the Cracock team going day in day out.

Benjy Cradock

Benjy is the eldest of the Cradock children with a huge and massive passion for travel and all things mechanical.  Benjy is the proud owner of many a Land Cruiser including the infamous Roxy of the Benjy and Roxy Show, a Fordson Super Major tractor and NBF MEAN n GREEN.  Benjy runs the Workshop at RH & IR Cradock.

Ash Cradock

Ash is the youngest of the Cradock children who runs the Farm at RH & IR Cradock.  Ash is also a massive Land Cruiser fan and has worked and travelled extensively across western

Aimee Cradock

Aimee met Benjy during the Benjy and Roxy Show in 2014 travelling Australia.  Aimee became hooked on overland travel and followed Benjy back to the UK where they married in 2018 on New Barn Farm.


Long time friend of the Cradock Family and god father to Benjy, Alec grew up in Wiltshire in a farming family.  He has spent most his life as vehicle Mechanic and Palfinger Crane technician for TH White Devizes. Now Retired, Alec enjoys his Retirement, but not wishing to give up his skills he helps with our vintage restoration and bespoke engineering projects.


Jess has known Ash and the Cradock family for many years since her time at Lackham Agricultural College.  Her knowledge of livestock management has been an incredible asset to New Barn Farm.


AJ manages the office administration.  She is always smiling and makes a mean coffee.


Stephanus has joined us from his home country of South Africa. He has a passionate interest in all things Landcruiser and farming so he fits in perfectly.  


Following his completion of a farm mechanisation course at Lackham Agricultural College Woody has joined the workshop and has rapidly proven himself to be a valuable member of the team.


Andy is lead Campsite Host for Yellowtail Camping and is also fulfilling the role of Parts Administrator in the workshop.

Scrumpy Jack
RIP 13/10/23

Scrumpy was in charge.  If you ever arrived at the farm Scrumpy would make sure that everyone knew about it!