New Barn Farm, Hiperton, BA14 7RN

Works Vehicles

Works Vehicles

Our Works Vehicles range from farm machinery through Toyota Land Cruisers from 40 Series to 100 Series to our classic tractor collection.  Overland travel itself is a huge passion for the whole family.  Workshop manager Benjy feels this is an important attribute to the advice and work we offer customers; “If we’re not doing it, how can we sell it!”.

Roxy 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Benjy’s trusty 80 Series who’s seen tough tracks all round the world from doing the “big loop” of Australia in 2015 to braving the elements in Iceland 2017 and touring South Africa on honeymoon in 2019.

Oscar 76 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

After travelling Australia, Aimee fell in love with the early VDJ76 wagons.  This stunning merlot red VDJ76 is being built in-line with the Toyota 70th Anniversary Edition.


NBF MEAN n GREEN is our Deutz limited Pro Stock Tractor Puller. Modelled on a DX generation Deutz tractor with a Deutz 6.1ltr combine engine, New Holland TX injector pump, oversized pump elements to 13mm, 6mm injector lines, and a big turbo.

Grunt 45 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Ash brought Grunt back with him from his years working in Western Australia. The 1980 FJ45 Series Land Cruiser sees regular use at New Barn Farm.

Ellie 79 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Ellie also hails from Western Australia. Ellie is kitted out for everyday work use on the Farm with one of our NBF Bespoke tray backs complete with tool boxes and dog box.

Lorraine 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Ash’s well prepared overland 80 Series that’s seen travels to Iceland and many a West Country green lane. Lorraine was our first family Crusier, bought 22 years ago as the family bus. Lorraine has been through three family members, and is sitting on 270000 miles!

Reginald 100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Mummy & Daddy Bear’s 100 series “Reginald” is tasefully modifed for overland touring including awning, roof rack, NBF Bespoke 3″ Exhaust system, Winch bar and under body protection. There is even a Kennel for Scrumpy Jack.

Elvis 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

Elvis was the family’s second Crusier, bought 14 years ago.  Elvis is a 24 valve 80 Series.  Recently Benjy has been using Elvis to promote RH & IR Cradock Ltd as a work truck including doing a lot of our towing duties.

Jessie Classic Landrover

Jessie is DB’s local run-around, often seen at Yellowtail Camping delivering firewood and bopping around the village of Hilperton.

Colonel 40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

The Colonel our 40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser who will one day be painted to match the 40 Series in our company logo. The Colonel is an absolute weapon on the tracks and just as much fun to drive around the roads, especially on those hot summers days!

Conquerasaurusrex Overland Camper

Benjy bought the Conquerasuarusrex back from Africa where it kept him and Aimee in comfort on their honeymoon tour of the desert.

Strapped to the back is a tree branch used to brace the chassis in Africa when it snapped.

George and Mildred New Holland TM165 Tractors

George and Midred toil away on New Barn Farm during the Farms busiest periods. These 21 year old New Holland tractors are the true workhorses of the Farm performing all our heavy duties.