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MeanMadness Tractor Pulling

MeanMadness Tractor Pulling

Benjy and good friend Ed travel the UK competing in the world’s most powerful motorsport “Tractor Pulling”.  They compete in the UK’s most competitive class; limited prostock with their tractors NBF MEAN n GREEN and MAJOR MADNESS.

NBF MEAN n GREEN Deutz Limited Prostock Tractor Puller

NBF MEAN n GREEN is our Deutz limited Pro Stock Tractor Puller.  Modelled on a DX generation Deutz tractor with a Deutz 6.1ltr combine engine, New Holland TX injector pump, oversized pump elements to 13mm, 6mm injector lines, big turbo, and a component transmission & Axle from DAF & Mercedes trucks. 

Major Madness Fordson Limited Prostock Tractor Puller

Originally based on a Fordson Super Major, Major Madness has evolved over the last 11 years into one of the UK’s leading limited prostock tractor pullers.  Our good friend Ed has built this tractor from scratch which is now producing an estimated 1,500hp from it’s 6.1ltr Ford Cargo lorry engine.  The drive train is now a component build using components from various trucks.  He runs Puller 2000 tyres which help get the power to the ground.

2023 Tractor Pulling Events

North Somerset Show – May 23

NBF Mean N Green Tractor Pulling Team’s first outing of the year was full of anticipation!

Heddington and Stockley – July 23

NBF Mean N Green performed a rip-roaring pull! And the after party was just as good!

Great Eccleston – July 23

Another set of great runs from NBF MEAN n GREEN and MAJOR MADESS – Great Eccleston Show 2023.

Totnes Show – July 23

Another set of great runs from NBF MEAN n GREEN and MAJOR MADESS – Totnes Show 2023.

BA Stores Scotland – August 23

Heading north of the border to BA Stores Scotland, NBF MEAN n GREEN and MAJOR MADESS put in some excellent pulls, won prizes, and partied hard.

Great Eccleston – August 23

Heading north again NBF MEAN n GREEN and MAJOR MADNESS attended the European Championship at Great Eccleston

Honiton Hill – August 23

Rounding off the year we left Great Eccleston late Sunday arriving at Honiton Hill in Devon even later on Sunday ready for the final pull of the season.